Mr. Cima Shares Challenges, Words of Wisdom



Nick Blowers, Staff Writer

Mr. Cima is often called a “favorite” teacher, as well as a great person, and funny!

Asked “Why do you think the students who claim you’re their favorite teacher believe that?” his first response was, “First off, I’m quite honored to have that title. I believe I am a fair and honest teacher who gives everyone a chance. I think I am also humorous in some ways and kids can relate to that.”

Who does he look up to? “This is a good question. In regards to those who are/were close to me, I would have to say my grandfather was an inspiration to me because he was a teacher and musician. These two qualities define me. I also look up to my father-in-law a great deal because of the hard work and dedication it takes to run a dairy farm. He works from sun-up to sundown, rarely complains, and loves what he does.”

Mr.Cima hard at work

He let us in on some of the struggles of being a teacher. “Sometimes challenges come in various forms; whether it’s trying to come up with an motivating lesson or trying to get out of bed with a sore throat and runny nose, teaching gives you many obstacles. Balancing life, parenting, and teaching teaches prioritization,” said Mr. Cima.

Students don’t realize the stress teacher are under, but Mr.Cima somehow manages to come off as a great teacher. “When I was a senior in high school, I decided I wanted to become a teacher. I always liked reading and writing, so majoring in English while at IUP was a natural choice for me,”, said the Ligonier High School graduate.

Mr. Cima plays both acoustic and electric guitar. He has played for most of my life. He love the genres of jazz and traditional, acoustic music like bluegrass.

He left us with some words of wisdom, “Langston Hughes wrote a poem called ‘Dream Deffered’ where he questions what might happen when we put our dreams on hold. He asks whether an unfulfilled dream dries up or stinks like rotten meat. I would tell students not to let fear overtake their ambitions. Always work towards being better at anything you do in life.” This poem is very inspiring and reminds us to get out and chase our goals.