Read Outside With the Library Outside the Lobby


Ryan Forcey

The Little Library outside the lobby.

Ryan Forcey, Staff Writer

Outside the lobby of CAJSHS you may have noticed a little house filled with books. That is part of a program called the Little Library. It is free for everyone to take a book to read.

The library is run by the Key Club and the head of the club, Mrs. Borden, was able to answer a few questions about it.  According to Mrs. Borden, when asked why it was set up, “Key Club completes one large service project each school year. The Little Free library was our contribution for the 2016-2017 school year. We thought it would be a great opportunity to foster literacy outside of the school.” Each year the club votes on a community project and last year the library won the most votes. Along with the club members, the tech ed teachers, Mr. Pistner and Mr. Lytle, helped build the structure. After location approval by the school administration, Mr. Fannin along with maintenance helped install it. Key Club will continue to keep the structure in a good condition.

The Library is free for students, staff, and anyone who is at the high school to use and update. It can be found outside the main lobby on the bus loading area.